We have started assembling of 3 sets MDS 0.4kV for the “Biovet” vaccine factory, Razgrad

By order of Schneider Electric Bulgaria and for the needs of the newly built vaccine factory "Biovet" in Razgrad, we started the assembly of 3 MDS x 4000 amperes, breaking current 70 kA. The cabinets and busbars used are from Schneider Electric's pre-tested Prisma-P system.

Each MDS is powered by two Masterpact MTZ-40 air circuit breakers, fed by a Canalis insulated busbar system. The consumers are supplied by 9 distribution columns equipped with NSX 100/630A MCCBs.

The input and output circuit breakers are equipped with electronic protection devices to measure electrical energy. A communication system has been implemented, allowing the status of circuit breakers and electricity consumption to be monitored by a SCADA operating system.