Sales of Electrical equipment

Sales are an activity developed since the founding of the Company and the first distribution agreement with Schneider Electric signed in 1999. They are carried out by a team of well-trained technical and sales specialists. Warehouse and Logistics Base is available. An ERP / MRP system for management and control over the execution of customer orders has been implemented.

Today, the equipment we sell is still mainly from the Schneider Electric brand. TESTEL ENGINEERING has established itself as a major supplier of equipment from the brand of major industrial companies.

For several years our product offer has been expanded with cubicles, cabinets, boxes and accessories for them from the Rittal brand.

The portfolio includes almost the entire product offer of our partners and comes down to several main groups of equipment:

  • Dry transformers Trihal and MV Switchgear SM-6 type of Schneider Electric;
  • Power air circuit breakers Masterpact MTZ, Masterpact NT and Compact NS from 630 to 6300A;
  • Molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) Compact NSX, EasyPact & CVS type;
  • Modular miniature circuit breakers (MCB) from Acty 9, Easy 9 and NG 125 series, from 0.5 to 160A, DIN rail mounting;
  • Surge arresters, residual current devices, disconnectors, contactors, relays and various in type and purpose modular devices for DIN rail mounting;
  • Contactors, thermal relays, motor starters and a wide variety of starting and protection equipment for electric motors from the range TeSys, TeSys Deca and TVS;
  • Harmony series buttons, switches and signal lamps;
  • HMI terminals, PLCs and components for industrial control and automation;
  • Cubicles, Cabinets, boxes and accessories for assembling electrical panels.

To choose the products you are interested in, you can visit the global sites of our partners:

Schneider Electric on site: and Rittal on site: 

You probably won't get your trade offer from them. You can ask us about this by phone or e-mail. We, as their partners, therefore stand between, in the middle, in the direct service of the client.

Our specialists would also select the most suitable product for you, if you provide them with sufficient technical information and your requirements, the necessary conditions for its selection.